Wednesday , May 22 2019
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53% of Texans Support Marijuana Legalization, Poll Finds

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A recent poll shows that more than half of Texas’ registered voters support marijuana legalization. The poll was conducted by the University of Texas and Texas Tribune. The poll shows 53-percent support for legalization.

Thirty percent of those votes would only allow small amounts while 23-percent would legalize any amount of marijuana, according to East Texas Matters. The poll also shows that another 31-percent support medical marijuana legalization. There are still 16-percent of Texas voters that think marijuana should remain illegal.

Daron Shaw of University of Texas at Austin said, “Texas is going to be slow, but it’s going that way. In some ways the handwriting is on the wall, and it’s pretty clear. Public opposition is diminishing, and if the economic or tax arguments change, it’s hard to see what would keep pot from getting on the agenda.”

Much of the support came from younger voters and democrats. Registered voters over the age of 65 surprisingly support legalization by 40-percent.

Sixty-nine percent of poll respondents support reduced penalties for marijuana possession.

Josh Blank of UT-Austin’s Texas Politics Project said, “We’ve seen this movement take place in a much shorter period of time than the age differences would produce.”

The public opinion regarding marijuana in Texas continues to shift more toward support for legalization.