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TXmarijuana.com’s Privacy Statement
TXmarijuana.com understands your concerns about your privacy, both on and off the Internet. We have provided this privacy statement so that you will know what information TXmarijuana.com gathers, how we use that information, and what you can do to correct it if necessary.
What information TXmarijuana.com gathers about you
Web Traffic Monitoring
TXmarijuana.com keeps track of non-personally identifiable information such as the IP Address of the user’s computer, time of access, browser type and files downloaded to gather usage statistics for its web site. IP addresses are not associated with other information about a user, but only indicate general visitor navigation patterns. This is typically done by most websites.
Additionally, though TXmarijuana.com is primarily funded by individual donors, in order for TXmarijuana.com to successfully meet its organizational goals through other fund raising sources the TXmarijuana.com’s website has embedded tags that allow some third party entities such as Quantcast and Google Analytics to collect non-personally identifiable usage statistics.
TXmarijuana.com does not collect personal information through our website other than what is supplied to us on a voluntary basis.
TXmarijuana.com’s web site does not use cookies, except for the case of periodic pop-up windows relating to TXmarijuana.com messages and legislative alerts. Third party entities with embedded tags on TXmarijuana.com’s web site may set cookies to track user traffic trends. You may set your browser to: (1) inform you when cookies are being set before a cookie is stored; (2) not accept cookies at all; and (3) erase all cookies from your hard drive.
Email News List
TXmarijuana.com allows you to sign up for a free monthly electronic newsletter and discount email. To subscribe, you must provide your name and email address. This information is used only to send you the monthly newsletter and discount email. You will also be asked for your postal address, but do not have to provide it. Your email address, name or any other personal information will not be given to any third-parties. If provided, this information is used by TXmarijuana.com to send you news and informational material. You may unsubscribe to stop receiving future mailings as described below.
This information is never provided to any other organizations.
Providing State Information
With supporters’ privacy in mind, TXmarijuana.com and the TXmarijuana.com Foundation do not share information gathered electronically with other organizations. The value in identifying your state to TXmarijuana.com allows us to better organize the massive social efforts necessary to effectively reform marijuana laws and regulations in the state. TXmarijuana.com and the TXmarijuana.com Foundation generates email to individuals who sign-up for TXmarijuana.com’s weekly e-zine regarding state-based marijuana news, law reform efforts, local TXmarijuana.com chapter formations, conferences, protests, rallies, concerts, etc…
Donations and Purchases Online
TXmarijuana.com allows you to contribute financial support, become a member, purchase books and other merchandise. To do so, you must provide your name, postal address, and credit card information. You are sometimes asked to optionally provide email addresses and/or telephone numbers. For your protection, TXmarijuana.com uses a secure server to collect this information. The credit card information is used solely to bill you for your donations and/or purchases. For purchases, postal addresses are used to send merchandise. For members, postal addresses are used to send mailings keeping you informed of marijuana law reform news. You may ask to stop receiving future mailings as described below. Telephone numbers, if provided, are used to contact the buyer in case of problems with a purchase and may in the future be used to solicit contributions.
TXmarijuana.com provides personally identifiable information such as name, address and credit card number when processing merchandise orders with reputable third-party vendors such as CafePress when that information is collected on TXmarijuana.com’s website. Merchandise processed by CafePress is identified on order pages. TXmarijuana.com does not share information about donations and orders for merchandise stocked by TXmarijuana.com.
Change, Unsubscribe, and Delete Requests
To change your membership information, unsubscribe from an email list, or request that TXmarijuana.com take you off their postal mailing list and/or telephone solicitation list, you can contact us through any of the following means.
Site Terms
Please read our Terms.
Contacting the Web Site
If you have any questions regarding this privacy statement, TXmarijuana.com’s practices, or your dealings with this web site, please email us.
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