Thursday , May 28 2020
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Texas Marijuana Company Is Prepared for Medical Marijuana

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One Texas marijuana business is in full swing preparation for the Compassionate Use Act. AcquiFlow is transforming a cotton gin into a medical marijuana grow operation – the first in Texas.

Currently, only marijuana oil (CBD oil) is permitted for use in Texas. Expanding the program could include marijuana flower and other products for patients to use. The state’s primary focus is on creating a functional marijuana industry first, with proper regulations in-place, reports TWC News.

AcquiFlow CEO, Patrick Moran said, “We’ll actually cultivate and grow the plant there on site, process it through two different methodologies, there’s numerous extraction methodologies, we’ve chosen two of them and then we will both dispense there on site to appropriate patients under the program and also distribute statewide to different dispensaries.”

In regards to the restriction on the types of marijuana products currently approved, State Representative Jason Isaac said, “As legislators we don’t have all the answers about what’s the best medicine for patients.”

Veterans with PTSD have voiced to Isaac that medical marijuana is something they want to try. Isaac said “It helps them meditate, it calms their nerves, and so they would like to see those benefits and those options available here in the state of Texas and I’m certainly supportive of that.”

AcquiFlow will be ready should the market expand. CEO Moran said, “If the market expands, which I think is the right thing to do for Texas, for our citizens, then we will absolutely engage in it.”