Tuesday , September 25 2018
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Despite Mass Support Medical Marijuana Stalled in Texas

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Multiple efforts to reform marijuana laws in Texas have been introduced this legislative session. Medical marijuana bills and decriminalization efforts have all stalled in the Texas Legislature. Not all legislators are on-board with reform, despite the wishes of their constituents.

In February, a poll showed that 80-percent of Texas voters support medical marijuana, according to Rare Houston. Six reform bills have bipartisan support, but did not make it to the floor for a proper vote. One bill with over 70 co-sponsors, aimed to legalize medical marijuana, was not given a hearing or floor vote.

The bill to decriminalize marijuana statewide was also not heard on the floor. One representative, Jason Isaac says it comes down to one simple thing, the letters THC. Representative Isaac says his colleagues still view THC as being dangerous. They’re unwilling to allow access to medical marijuana products containing THC because they fear recreational use would run rampant.

The views of lawmakers in Texas regarding medical marijuana vary, and is hindering the state’s ability to offer an additional form of treatment for its residents suffering from debilitating health conditions. It’s also getting the state behind of the shifting national opinion and leaving the state without reaping the potential financial benefits from tax revenues it could have.