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Texas Dispensary Is Telling Patients: “We’re Almost There”

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Morris Denton, CEO of Compassionate Cultivation, has a message for Texas medical marijuana patients: We’re almost there! Compassionate Cultivation is one of three recently licensed CBD oil producers in the state. In Texas, the Compassionate Use Act only applies to those with intractable forms of epilepsy.

Cansortium Texas and Surterra Texas are the other two licensed CBD oil producers, Civilized reports. The facilities must be vertically integrated to be seed-to-sale companies.

Denton said, “It’s a start in a large state that has historically been conservative, a state that is just now starting to understand the potential benefits of this medication and wants to explore that potential.”

Denton says, ‘That means we grow, we cultivate, we harvest, we extract, we process, we test, we manufacture and we dispense all under one roof. So far the plants are doing really well and they’re growing quickly, but obviously you can’t take a shortcut with Mother Nature.”

Compassionate Cultivation hopes to have product available for patients by the end of this year.

Legislators in Texas still want proof that marijuana-based medicine positively impacts people with many different conditions. Until that scientific proof is available, expansions to Texas’ medical marijuana program aren’t likely to happen.

Denton said, “How often do you get a chance in your career, in your life, to participate in something that has the potential to be transformational?… This has the potential to truly transform a lot of things that are happening in this state. If we run a solid business, if we do it with integrity and we create great medicine and that medicine has an impact, then I think Texans and the legislators will take notice and give fair consideration to broadening the list of accepted conditions [for medical marijuana].”

Compassionate Cultivation is the only licensed dispensary in the state that is actually based in-state. The headquarters for the other two companies are in Florida. All employed by Compassionate Cultivation are from Texas.

Denton said, “Being native Texans ourselves, we want to do an extraordinary job in representing Texas and in serving Texans because they’re our neighbors and they’re our families. They’re who we are, so we’re taking it personally.”

Denton attended the annual fundraiser for the Epilepsy Foundation of Texas where he had the opportunity to meet a lot of families with epileptic loved ones.

He said, “They’re ready. They’re excited. They’ve been searching for solutions, and many of them have had to look outside the state for solutions. Our message to them is: we’re almost there. There’s hope in their eyes and there’s belief in their eyes and we want to deliver on that promise.”