Saturday , December 15 2018
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Texas Medical Marijuana Dispensary Weeks Away from Opening


Knox Medical has medical marijuana growing and is just weeks away from being able to open its doors to patients. Patients will be able to receive their orders via delivery.

THC concentration may be no more than 0.5-percent of the product’s volume by weight, Click 2 Houston reports. It must also not be less than 10-percent by weight of CBD. Only those with intractable epilepsy qualify for now.

Jose Hidalgo, founder and CEO, said, “We’ll go to the major treatment centers and talk to the physicians and find out, ‘Do any of your patients qualify for medical cannabis?’”

At Texas Children’s Hospital, their approach will be a little different. Dr. Clark said, “A pharmaceutical-grade medication in a clinical trial, with the proper regulations and safety considerations, is something that we would propose as a better pathway than just making an oil and giving it to children.”

Dr. Clark is on board with Epidiolex, a pharmaceutical being used in clinical trials that is showing success. He believes that the FDA will approve its distribution. Until then, Dr. Clark isn’t likely to offer recommendations or suggesting that patients visit a dispensary.

Regarding regulation and studies, Hidalgo said, “There is an abundance of studies done out there. None of them are going to fit what an FDA clinical type trial are. The reason why the Texas legislature passed CBD cannabis like other states is because the parents of these very, very sick children are demanding it.”

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Texas residency
  • Intractable epilepsy diagnosis
  • Risk of using low-THC oil is minimal in respect to the potential benefit
  • Second-opinion confirming diagnosis and recommendation

No smokable forms of medical marijuana will be made available in Texas, at least not right now.

The CBD oil may work for some and not for others. As with any type of medication, it’s individualized and response to the medicine varies.