Saturday , December 15 2018
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Texas Toddler Among First Medical Marijuana Patients


Oscar Wilkens is just two-years-old, but was one of the first in Texas to receive the state-approved low-THC oil. Oscar started having seizures at just five-months-old. Some of his prescribed medications have negative side effects, such as having an impact on muscle tone.

Oscar’s neurologist, Dr. Karen Keough, estimated that less than half of those using the low-THC oil for epilepsy would see meaningful changes, according to KMOV 4 News. Her estimations seem low as she claims only about 10-percent would see an improvement. Her estimations seem quite incorrect when compared to actual patient success stories and data, all of which contradict her estimations.

Todd Wilkens, Oscar’s father, said, “It can decrease muscle tone. He already has low muscle tone. It can slow down your thinking and make you tired and groggy. He already has problems with cognition.”

Oscar’s mom, Christy, said, “I’m happy that this day has finally come for Texas.”

Only those with epilepsy in Texas have access to the medicine. Home delivery is available from licensed dispensaries.

Christy Wilkens said, “I’m cautiously optimistic and hopeful it works for him.”