Tuesday , January 22 2019
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Texas Patients Find Medical Marijuana Program to Be Strenuous

Texas CBD Law

The limited medical marijuana program in Texas may be difficult for some to navigate. Texas allows CBD oil to contain up to 0.5-percent THC. The product must also contain at least 10-percent CBD.

The process, for some, may seem long as it does require that two doctors sign off on a treatment plan, according to KSAT 12 News. Another requirement is permanent Texas residency. The only condition that Texas allows for the low-THC oil is intractable epilepsy.

Proof of prior treatments has to show that it hasn’t been effective.

Texas only has 21 doctors in the state that are registered to prescribe the oil.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Central and South Texas pushed to help the legislation pass. The foundation is also helping to ensure that those that aren’t able to afford the CBD oil can still obtain it.

Director Sindi Rosales said, “The dispensaries are extremely caring and compassionate, and they want to help us make certain that our families and individuals (who) need it do have access to it.”

Regarding the effectiveness of CBD oil to treat seizures, Rosales said, “We’ve heard about positive responses from people in other states (and) we want to see that here so bad.”