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Marijuana Legalization Rally on May 19 in Brownwood


Activist Garrett Mullins is helping to organize a marijuana legalization support rally, in coordination with Cannabis Open Carry Walks (COCW), in Brownwood on May 19. The event aims to raise awareness for marijuana legalization in Texas. Organizers are hoping that the event will spark local legislators across the state to support legalization efforts in the 2019 legislative session.

COCW says that participants should not use marijuana openly in public during the event, according to the Brownwood Bulletin. Supporters will be passing out anti-prohibition literature and will place themselves on street corners with signage. These walks have taken place all over the state, but the organizers say they want to reach smaller communities.

Mullins said, “We’re trying to promote legalization in Texas by 2019. We’re trying to get people to vote the right people into office. We can’t change the laws as a people unless legislators put it forward. The cities are already pro marijuana. What I’m trying to do is go around on my motorcycle and hitting the smaller towns. Now, we’re trying to spread the roots from bigger cities and try to get the smaller towns.”

The previous events have been well received.

The Brownwood police department won’t cause any interference unless needed, they are only there to enforce the law

Chief Terry Nichols said, “It’s nice when people want to include us in the conversation upfront. We have a conversation and say ‘Here are the rules, here are the laws. We have a panhandlers solicitation ordinance so you can’t be soliciting money or anything of value from the roadways and certain intersections. Be careful out there.’ I don’t think it’s a protest as much as it’s going out and stating a case.”

Brownwood police will issue citations for marijuana possession or public use if need be. Nichols does support a “cite and release” program regarding possession of small amounts of marijuana.