Tuesday , January 22 2019
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Texas Medical Marijuana Expansion Gains Traction Among Lawmakers

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Advocates are working hard to expand Texas’ limited medical marijuana program. Lawmakers and a few state agencies are supportive of the expansion. There is a possibility that the governor may also be on-board with the expansion.

Advocates want to expand the health conditions approved to use low-THC oil, Texas Public Radio reports. Autism is one of the conditions being fought for. Studies around the world show that marijuana helps reduce symptoms of autism – especially the behavioral outbursts.

The availability of research on medical marijuana for treating autism has piqued the interested of a Texas advisory panel. They’ve recommended that lawmakers include autism, and several other health conditions, to its compassionate use program.

Chris Masey of the Policy Council for Children and Families said, “What they wanted to do is build on the compassionate use that we helped create and to expand that use but to make sure that it’s very careful and that it only goes to people who really need it.”

A special report is in the works, and upon its completion will be submitted to the Texas Legislature. Suggestions for studying medical marijuana for other treatments will also be made.

Discussions regarding expansion are expected to be drawn-out and heated.