Friday , May 24 2019
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Marijuana Grower Uses Armed Scarecrow to Protect 10,000 Plants


In Navarro County, Texas a marijuana cultivator was attempting to protect their illegally-growing plants with an armed scarecrow. The SWAT team was prepared to execute the search warrant on the property. The cultivator went to great lengths to make the scarecrow appear lifelike.

The scarecrow was fully dressed and looked like it had an assault rifle, according to Fox News. It was also made to look comfortable – relaxing in a hammock. Unfortunately, this “security guard” failed to provide the services it was tasked.

The grow was massive – 10,000 plants. Law enforcement officials estimate that it took up 5-acres. It is also reported that some of the plants were about 6-feet high.

An anonymous tip led police to conduct drone surveillance on the property. The property is located just 250-yards from the Texas Department of Transportation Navarro County Safe Reset Area on South I-45.

The cultivator, however, did a great job of picking a secluded location. A bulldozer was required to access the area.

When the dismantling process began, it was noted that harvesting and processing of some plants appeared to have already started at the location.

The “armed scarecrow” was a good idea – maybe not good enough, but clever.