Wednesday , August 21 2019
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CBD Edibles Now Available at Texas Farmers Market


Matt Dixon of Wildflower Caramel Company is offering CBD-infused caramels at the Pearl Farmers Market. The newly available products were created upon request from a customer suggesting the combination of CBD with the caramels. The farmers market is located in San Antonio.

Dixon uses CBD already and administers it to his aging dog for epilepsy, according to Austin Culture Map. Within two weeks of receiving the idea of the infused caramels, the products were being sold at the farmers market. Caramels and cold brew products are available.

Dixon said, “A light bulb clicked on. We could have a whole new business platform just by taking what we’re already good at and adding one ingredient.”

The brand of the CBD-infused items is called Flora & Fortitude.

To ensure that the products are THC-free, as many customers worry about passing workplace drug screens, the Dixons use a CBD isolate. With isolate, the THC is left behind.

Dixon said, “Drug tests look for THC in the system – they don’t test for CBD.”

During the farmers market the Dixons offer samples and answer questions every 20 minutes.

Dixon said, “If people are going to a smoke shop to buy CBD products, they may be speaking with someone who doesn’t have all the information. We want to shift that, make customers feel comfortable, dissolve the stigma around cannabis, and educate people.”