Friday , May 29 2020
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Texas Senator Calls for Medical Marijuana Legalization in Texas


The new legislative session in Texas begins on January 8, and Senator Jose Menendez is calling for medical marijuana legalization. It’s expected to be a hot topic of debate.

Senator Menendez says it’s time for Texas to get on board, according to KSAT 12 News.  The program that is currently in place is only helping a minimal number of people with intractable epilepsy. Expansion of the existing program or full medical marijuana legalization needs to occur in the Lone Star State.

Menendez said, “Why are we making people either criminals or forcing them to leave the state of Texas? In every state that surrounds Texas, you can access medical marijuana.”

Stigma surrounding the word “marijuana” may be what is holding some back from supporting real reform.

Menendez said, “What people need to stop thinking about when they hear the word marijuana is, this is not about people behind the high school or cruising in the park trying to get stoned. Here is something that is available and doctors should be given the ability to treat patients how they see us the best thing available for those patients.”

Recreational marijuana is not even on the table in Texas. The focus is on medical marijuana.