Thursday , November 30 2023
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Central Texas Cities Police Marijuana Differently Due to New Law

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A new Texas law is confusing local law enforcement agencies. The penalty you get depends on where you’re pulled over or confronted by a police officer. In Round Rock, for example, being caught with a very small amount of marijuana will likely result in nothing happening. In Austin, however, a citation is likely to be issued and potentially even an arrest.

Towns in Central Texas are determining their own way to handle possession of small amounts of marijuana, according to KVUE News.

Round Rock Police Chief Allen Banks said, “The county attorney has advised us that they will not prosecute small amounts of marijuana and we’ve advised our officers, we will not make arrests or cite someone on those marijuana charges.”

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said, “I believe this is the right decision for the Austin community and in the interest of maintaining public safety.”

The confusion is still all stemming from hemp being made legal in the state. Texas forensic labs still lack the necessary equipment to differentiate hemp from marijuana.

A hearing will be held in Austin next week to discuss how to move forward with minor marijuana cases. A decision is expected to be made whether the city will continue to cite or arrest those possessing marijuana or if they’ll turn the other cheek when it comes to possessing small amounts.